The Best Office Chairs for Working from Home

At the start of the lockdown, many of us were thrown into working from home with very little time to prepare. We didn’t have time to create the perfect home office, and we had to make do with what we already had in the house. Kitchen tables became workstations, wifi setups were shuffled into the […]

Working towards the light at the end of the tunnel

What will life in the Philippines be like after the enhanced, general or any modified community quarantine is over? Are you ready and waiting to return to the office? Or have you settled into the remote work routine, and planning to keep your home office going?  While a full vaccine is still a fair way […]

How to help your coworkers in the time of social distancing

After two months of isolation many of us are starting to struggle: family tensions are high, moods are low, and productivity is slipping. Have you reached out to your network yet?

Why gardening is the perfect hobby for staying sane while working from home

Being stuck at home all day, every day has led to a resurgence in hobbying, but there is one new activity that is the clear runaway favourite: gardening. While gardening and DIY home improvements are generally popular in this time of year, the lockdowns have led to a surge in seed stockpiling. Doctors have also […]

Work from home wrap meetings? Here’s how we’re holding virtual “after work drinks”

Life in isolation can quickly blur into one long, arduous and repetitive (not to mention lonely) cycle. If you’re missing the joy of catching up with your coworkers for a few cheeky beverages, here’s how we are keeping the spark alive with a virtual happy hour.

How to avoid distracting your coworkers on your next Zoom meeting!

The office can be a very distracting place: from your coworkers stopping by for another chat, to countless coffee breaks, 5 minute meetings that drag on for hours, and a phone that seems to never stop ringing. By comparison, working from home seemed like it would be a picture-perfect paradise of uninterrupted productivity. But as […]

5 tips to boost your work from home productivity

Just a few short months ago, working from home would have been considered a luxury perk of a modern employer. But with the Covid-19 quarantine locking people in their homes, it’s time to turn this “luxury” into productivity with our top 5 tips for working from home.

Adapt to working from home with the RISE IT team checklist

Remote IT teams sure made transitioning into a work from home set-up due to the quarantine easier. With their support and recommendation, switching to this new way of working became more manageable.

Working from home? Here’s how to boost your WiFi for maximum performance

Working from home during the coronavirus lockdown? It is more vital than ever to get the most out of your wifi network. Here’s our guide to maximise the performance of your wifi.