Our Mission: To Accelerate Internet for the Philippines

RISE delivers fast and reliable connectivity services to a range of industries, while providing proactive customer support directly  from our engineers. Using precise tools and procedures, the RISE network is designed to accommodate international best  practices and optimal connectivity for our customers. 

Resiliency, diversity, and longevity are at the core of our design and service decisions. Reliability is what we deliver through our  network and customer support. 

Since 2015, RISE has maintained long-term relationships with local and international partners through dedication, transparency,  and pride in the quality of our work.

Fast Connectivity, Fast Support

A robust network should go hand in hand with an equally powerful support system. At RISE, network engineers provide direct  response action to every customer concern, big or small. 

We monitor the health of all our services by actively polling every Network Termination Unit (NTU) deployed at the customer site.  Potential interruptions in your connectivity are promptly diagnosed and resolved, and customers are immediately notified at the  first sign of an issue. 

In 2021, RISE’s average response time for customer tickets during business hours was 5 mins 31 secs, with 99.9% of tickets  answered within 15 minutes.


Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Our EVPL data service provides dedicated private connectivity from your network to your customers via Ethernet technology up to  Gigabit speeds. This ensures seamless and secure point-to-point communication to enable you to provide services anywhere  within RISE’s reach.


Created with the goal of accelerating the internet in the Philippines, GetaFIX is an internet exchange (IX) with various peering  partners and content providers like Akamai, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Cloudflare to name a few. For providers’  end-customers, the product aims to speed up access to peering and content for a much better experience. Visit getafix.ph.

IP Transit

Providers need quality internet resources to successfully provide valuable services to their customers. Our IP Transit makes use  of our reliable network and great service levels to come up with wholesale internet available in data centers. For lower-cost  requirements, IP Transit Lite is available as well for smaller, emerging providers.

DC Space Hosting

Data center colocation is available as a value-added service to our core products. RISE offers retail space (per rack-unit or  fractional rack lease) to host customer equipment in major data centers.


RISE can bring a number of both domestic and global service providers directly to your network for your use. We Teleport these  partners—Cloud, IX and IP providers—to your doorstep for easy access and integration for both your organic needs and  equirements from your customers. 

Virtual Switch

VSwitch enables customers to take advantage of the resilient network of RISE, and use it as an extension of their own. The  product is available in any data center where we are present (domestic and international), and is priced based on capacity and  network ports used.