At RISE we work everyday on our mission of accelerating business internet in the Philippines. We benchmark the level of service we deliver against international industry standards and practices, so that we can improve your overall business internet experience.

We were the first network in the Philippines to join the MANRS convention, making the commitment to follow international best practices in network and routing security, contributing to a more resilient internet both domestically and globally.

We now look to be the first network in the Philippines to deploy a technology called RPKI Route Origin Validation, joining some of the largest and most progressive networks in the world such as Google. 

By having a network with features such as RPKI, we are better able to deliver to legitimate traffic between you and the internet. 

What is RPKI Route Origin Validation?

Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a community driven resource certificate that offers validatable proof of a resources allocation or assignment, utilizing cryptography for authentication.  

RPKI is related to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) which underpins how all internet service providers and other networks route their traffic over the internet. BGP determines how data packets choose a route for traveling across the internet by looking at all of the available paths that your data packets could travel and then identifies the shortest route.

RPKI ensures that all the routes available have been authenticated and validated by each network operator. The outcome is having your traffic routing better protected which will yield a more secure and stable internet experience for your business.

What security issues does RPKI help prevent?

A reliable internet connection typically includes multiple routes for your data, so that if any one route is unavailable you can still reach your destination via another. However, it is exposed to a “route hijack” or “route leak”, where malicious actors or simple misconfigurations can cause issues with your internet stability and security. 

RPKI technology helps to protect your traffic from these accidental route leaks or malicious route hijacks that can cause outages or unwanted interference.

Changes like this help to avoid large scale outage events that occur and can even wipe a whole country off the internet – like what happened to Pakistan in 2008, to Russia in 2017, and more recently to Amazon in 2018.

How will RISE implement RPKI?

After testing and rolling out this feature, RISE will drop all invalid routes received from our peers and upstream providers. 

You shouldn’t notice any difference from the dropping of these routes (after all they are invalid routes), however if you do see any connectivity issues, you can reach out to our team at [email protected]. As always, we are available 24/7 to provide support and assistance.