Is Your Business Scared of the Internet?

The internet often seems fundamental to modern business life; everything from customer service, bookkeeping, sales, marketing and even daily operations can be (and generally is) done online. However not every business is taking full advantage of the benefits the internet can provide.  Some businesses may not be able to access fast, reliable internet services, and […]

How the weather affects your internet connection

The weather in the Philippines isn’t always as stable as we would like it to be, and when bad weather hits, it can have a big impact on your internet connection. Some of us are already used to interruptions during big weather events, like floods and storms. The internet runs on electricity after all, and […]

Is Net Neutrality Important for Businesses in the Philippines?

Is your internet connection free? Obviously most internet service providers make you pay money to use the internet, but is that the only restriction in place? As long as you pay your bill, you can access any online content or service you want. And if you pay for a 100 Mbps connection, you will get […]

Is the internet in the Philippines getting better?

Internet speeds are on the rise in the Philippines. According to the latest reports from the Ookla Speedtest Global Index, the Philippines has jumped 15% to an average of 68.94 Mbps for fixed broadband internet speeds, pushing the country above the global median 66.25 Mbps. Network upgrades, new infrastructure, and more competition among telco operators […]

Preparing Your Office for Hybrid Working

In 2020, the world went into lockdown and work culture as we knew it had to change overnight. Over 2 years later and we are now staring down the next big shift for businesses – the return to the office. Unlike the move to remote working, very few businesses are trying to get their entire […]

Why the Philippines is building more data centers

The largest data center in the Philippines is being built in Cainta, Rizal this year, and will provide a huge boost to the internet infrastructure throughout the country. Singapore data center company SpaceDC, which is investing more than $700 million into this facility, said the hyperscale data center campus dubbed MNL1 would cater to the […]

Test your romantic knowledge with this Happy Hearts Day quiz!

It’s Valentines Day and RISE is back with another Happy Hearts Day quiz! This time let’s test your love team/friendship duo IQ. Good luck! 😄

RISE Wholesale Services

Our Mission: To Accelerate Internet for the Philippines RISE delivers fast and reliable connectivity services to a range of industries, while providing proactive customer support directly  from our engineers. Using precise tools and procedures, the RISE network is designed to accommodate international best  practices and optimal connectivity for our customers.  Resiliency, diversity, and longevity are […]

We tested 4 internet myths to see which ones are real.

Since the internet was born, and the very first email sent, people have been sharing wild theories across the world wide web. Spooky stories, Nigerian princes, conspiracy theories – everything is possible on the information super highway! Between these tall tales and suspicious scams lies something more insidious: the internet myth. A whisper heard around […]

Will 2021 be the last year your office has a virtual Christmas party?

‘Tis the season and once again office workers around the world are wondering how to host their Christmas parties virtually. WIth vaccines now widely available and many offices making plans to reopen, the “new normal” from the last 2 years is coming to an end.  At the same time, many people are still working from […]