How it Works: Global Internet Rankings

The internet may be one of the largest shared infrastructure networks in the world, but the strength of those networks is not shared equally. Depending on where you are in the world, your internet experience can be vastly different; download speed, latency, and available bandwidth can all be affected by your location. So how do […]

What is the internet backbone?

The internet is made up of hundreds of thousands of connections, linked together through miles and miles of cables stretching all over the world and into millions of homes and businesses in every country.  But not all connections are created equal, and some are much more important than others. At the core of all these […]

How does the internet handle traffic surges during a pandemic?

When the world went into lockdown back in early 2020, internet service providers were faced with the challenge of providing business quality internet to nearly every home, in every major city on the planet. This sudden surge of traffic from previously basic connections caused a ripple of worry over the resilience of the networks that […]

5 apps every SME business needs in 2021

Managing your business needs is never an easy task. As more and more of our work life is shifting to the online world, keeping up with the competition means having the best digital presence and workflow possible. The best business apps make it easier to manage various aspects of your business, keep your operations running […]

The Future of Fintech in the Philippines

2020 was a year of rapid growth for digital industries. Perhaps the largest growth area of all these industries was Financial Technology (or fintech for short). With consumers learning to function without physical cash (and reluctant to use it when they have the choice), digital payments have become the primary method of transaction for many […]

What’s Workspace Virtualization and How Does It Keep Your Business Up-to-Date?

Being able to perform your job anywhere in the world has become crucial for business survival, especially in the age of Covid. While some of us managed to get by with an email address and the occasional video conference, most employees are demanding more from their devices, and small businesses are struggling to keep up. […]

4 Tech Trends for Small Businesses in the Philippines

The digital world is always changing, with new technologies, new apps and new behaviours seeming to pop up near constantly.  In 2020 we saw some major shake ups in how businesses and consumers used the internet, particularly with the dramatic shift to working from home and the rise of video conferencing.  Hopefully 2021 won’t be […]

Wired or wireless? Fiber or broadband? What’s the difference, and which is better for my business?

The internet is constantly evolving, and as it grows so too do our expectations. In the 90’s, during the infancy of the world wide web, we were amazed at sending a simple email. In 2021, we’re live-streaming from our phones and video-conferencing with our colleagues working all across the country. It might sound luxurious, but […]

Are You Experiencing Technostress? How to Relax When You’re Always Available

Once the idea of working from home was lauded as the panacea for the modern workforce: no more crowded cities, packed commuter trains and gridlocked highways, thanks to the miracle of high speed internet. Then the pandemic hit, and we were plunged into a world-wide working from home experiment. Would it actually be the saviour […]

Why You and Your Business Should Care About Net Neutrality

How much of your work day is spent online? From work and school, to grocery shopping, reading the news, and spending time with loved ones, more and more of everyday life is being spent online. This huge increase in people’s data requirements has exposed the need for unrestricted access to the internet for all. However, […]