Nearly a month on and we are still riding high on the RISE 12 Days of Christmas event! Join us as we rewind our holiday clocks and look back on four weeks of holiday joy.

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Day 1: Money stored in a bank can take up to 188 years to double in value

Click on the image to watch the full Investment 101 webinar

Relying on the standard 0.25% interest rate of banks can double your savings — but only after 188 years. For low-risk investors, Floi Wycoco of The Global Filipino Investors recommends saving in digital banks with 3-4% interest rates, or investing in government and corporate bonds.

If you’re a high risk-taker, click the image above to learn more about investing in the Philippines with Floi Wycoco.

Day 2: Good coffee doesn’t have to be imported!

Click on the image to watch the full It’s a Brewtiful Day webinar

There’s too much stigma surrounding local coffee, and many of them are unfounded. Joseph Benavides of Monkey Co. Coffee Roasters should know because he has worked with some of the best coffee suppliers. One of them harvests Arabica beans from volcanic soil at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level — the perfect climate for coffee beans.

Click the above image to learn more about brewing a great cup of coffee at home with Joseph Benavides.

Day 3: Dancing can build social bonds that overcome physical distance 

Click on the image to watch the full Dance Fitness webinar

Kristie Bonifacio of Live Love Party, together with her sister Madelle Paltu-ob, were able to build a solid audience of 2.5 million YouTube followers because of their easy-to-follow dance fitness routines. Their library contains over 400 videos with beats from across the board — Filipino music, American pop, K-pop, hip-hop, you name it. Get started on the dance fitness craze by clicking the image above.

Day 4: Plant parenting can now be considered a form of therapy

Click on the image to watch the full Green Thumbs Up webinar

Plants have never been just aesthetic household items, but the pandemic has turned them into something therapeutic, says Matt Basabe of Plant Buddy PH. He adds that the first question you have to ask before buying one is: Am I ready to commit? Watch the full video by clicking on the image above.

Day 5: Fruitcakes have been around since the Roman times, some 2,000 years ago

Click on the image to watch the full Fruitcake Hour webinar

Chef Grace Marquez of the Salt and Pepper Culinary Institute taught us how to bake a perfectly moist fruitcake, while dropping all sorts of trivia on fruitcake history and baking methods. Click the image above to join her while she bakes a fruitcake and some Christmas cookies.

Day 6: Christmas is a completely imported concept in Japan

Click on the image to watch the full Konnichiwa webinar

Christmas in Japan somehow revolves around romantic dates, sad love songs, and buckets of fried chicken. Don’t ask us why — but do listen to Sato Kotsuchi-Takahara of RISE describe the customs and greetings often seen and heard in Japan during the holidays.

Day 7: Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve stress during quarantine

Click on the image to watch the full Breathe In, Breathe Out webinar

You can manage pandemic stress and anxiety by exercising both the mind and body with yoga. Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Kloe Laconico taught us how to get into a meditative space before taking us through mindful postures. Join Kloe Laconico for an hour of relaxing, stress-reducing yoga.

Day 8: All you need to build a website is a web browser and a notepad application

Click on the image to watch the full HTML Coding for Beginners webinar

HTML is the original language of the world wide web! It’s been around even before modern content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, so technically you can build a website with just a browser and a notepad. Pambansang I.T.

Guy Joshua Eleazar Domen says it’s still worth learning because you’d need a working knowledge of the language in order to maximize your CMS.

Day 9: Using winterized oil in your pesto can make it can last up to 3 months in the freezer

Click on the image to watch the full Christmas Home Cooking webinar

Midnight Chef Enzo Singson taught us three Noche Buena recipes: baked pesto pasta, truffle rice-stuffed chicken, and banoffee pie. But aside from that, he shared cheaper alternatives to pricey ingredients and answered all of our burning kitchen questions.

Steal Chef Enzo’s recipes by clicking on the image above.

Day 10: Mobility training can expand your range-of-motion and prevent injuries

Click on the image to watch the full TeamworCKout webinar

All you need is your mat and body weight for Fitness Coach Kamil “CK” Quimio’s workout to make you and your team feel good.

In this session, he serves a workout routine that has it all: mobility and flexibility training, strengthening and muscle toning, and maximum fat-burning capacity.

Start 2021 strong with fitness instructor, Coach CK Quimio!

Day 11: The total prize pool for the biggest DOTA 2 tournaments is upwards of a billion pesos

Click on the image to watch the full Game Face On webinar

After a fun bout of Mobile Legends, Em Dangla or “Kaisaya” of Liyab eSports defines what a pro player is before diving deep into the pros and cons, and how passionate gamers can enter the industry. Find out if the eSports industry is for you by checking out Kaisaya’s presentation.

Day 12: The foamy top of a whisky sour is a result of the interaction between egg white and lemon juice

Click on the image to watch the full Did Someone Say Happy Hour? webinar

Audrey Gustilo, Resident Bartender at OTO Bar starts us off with a gin and tonic before teaching how to make an old fashioned, a whisky sour, and a daiquiri. Grab a drink and learn how to make these three easy-to-make cocktails with Audrey Gustilo!

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