Isn’t it great that the IT team can perform its functions remotely?  It sure made transitioning into a work from home set-up due to the quarantine easier.  With their support and recommendation, switching to this new way of working became more manageable. 

Thanks to the recommendations from your IT team:

  • You’re sure that the laptop or desktop computer issued to you can manage your workload, and won’t slow you down in the near future. 

  • You’re sure that the computer you are equipped with has all the relevant software you need – anything from data visualization tools to accounting software and CRM programs

  • You have alternatives to paper-heavy or printer-reliant activities, which actually is better for the environment! 

  • You know that your home internet connection can support all the communication and collaboration you’ll be doing online.They informed you of the recommended bandwidth to support uninterrupted video conferencing – the new meeting format.(Of course, in the absence of a home broadband connection, access to 4G/LTE mobile data services could still do the job – just be mindful of the mobile plan’s data cap to avoid billing surprises)

  • Your team is constantly using the recommended communication channels such as Slack.  Collaboration, getting immediate feedback and socializing during coffee breaks no longer require physical proximity or face to face interaction with the help of these applications. 

  • Your team can easily collaborate on reports, dashboards and presentation decks using web-based applications

Thanks to the (remote) support from your IT team:

  • You and other team members are able to access all internal resources needed – from raw data files to process manuals.  And in some cases, accessing internal resources requires a VPN connection to access internal information, which they gladly helped you set-up. 

  • You are not left alone to troubleshoot technical issues.  Despite the emergence of an increasingly digital savvy workforce, not everyone can handle technical troubleshooting on their own, and your IT team is there to assist you in the form of email, chat or even remote desktop support.

Thanks to the diligence of your IT team:

  • The company would be working more efficiently by the preventive maintenance  activities they conduct. Modernizing legacy systems ensure that in the long run, the company would be working more efficiently and spending less on operational and maintenance costs.