Building an ISP’s connectivity – Points of Presence, Upstream Internet Providers & Internet Exchanges

How does your internet traffic flow across networks from an office tin Manila to an office in Sydney? Transit or upstream providers are fundamental for ISPs to transmit data all over the world.

Our Data is Under the Sea – Everything You Need to Know About Undersea Cables for Internet in the Philippines

When it comes to the internet, digital information and the speed at which we access it, many people are still unaware that the world is heavily reliant on the enormous interconnected system of fiber-optic undersea cables. These submarine cables remain the least expensive, fastest and most efficient way to transmit information, and are still the […]

Core Network Connectivity; Undersea Cables; Diversity and Capacity

Did you know that 99% of international data is carried by undersea cables? Known as the backbone of the internet, these fiber optic cables help to connect the Philippines to the rest of the world.

What exactly is latency and how does it impact my business internet?

Low latency is something that everyone with an internet connection strives to achieve. Read on to discover what affects latency and what RISE does in particular to maintain low latency.

Breaking down your data: Data Packets, Internet Protocol & TCP

Every piece of data you send over the internet is broken down into data packets. Read on to find out how data packets work and how Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol ensure your data is delivered to the intended user in the correct order.

How Does The Internet Work? – Autonomous Systems, ASNs & How BGP Works

The internet is made up of autonomous systems who work together to exchange and route data from your device to a server located anywhere in the world and back.

Why is high-quality fast internet valuable to my company?

Employees are online 10 hours of the day and a fast and stable internet connection plays a fundamental, role in their productivity.