Is Your Business Scared of the Internet?

The internet often seems fundamental to modern business life; everything from customer service, bookkeeping, sales, marketing and even daily operations can be (and generally is) done online. However not every business is taking full advantage of the benefits the internet can provide.  Some businesses may not be able to access fast, reliable internet services, and […]

Introduction to Data Privacy – the three principles of privacy

In the modern world, almost everything there is to know about you is available online. Your medical records, your education and work history, your family connections, maybe even a few shameful secrets, are very likely to be digitally stored somewhere.  In previous articles, we’ve looked at data security as a way that you (and your […]

Why You Need to Update Your Password

For many of us, our digital devices are our life. Or at least our lifeline to participating in broader society. Our computers are offices, our phones are wallets, and our smartwatches can even open the doors to our homes. Controlling who has regular access to these devices is more important than ever! This is why […]

7 steps to protect yourself from malware

We would all like to believe the internet is safe – that everyone browsing the world wide web has good intentions and acts in our best interest. Unfortunately there is no denying that criminals are also online – trying to make money (and trouble) with little regard for the welfare of others. In the previous […]

How Malware Attacks Can Cost Your Business Big

The internet is everywhere, and as our digital lives become ever more important, so too has our need to stay safe and secure online. Cybersecurity has become a major cornerstone of the digital landscape, and malware has become big business. In this second article on information security, we will take a closer look at what […]

Getting Started with Information Security – Digital Threats to Your Business

The internet has brought the whole world to our fingertips, and businesses that can best leverage the competitive advantages of the internet have quickly risen to the top. Businesses aren’t the only ones adapting however – crime has also gone digital, and your information is a prime target. Access to the private data of businesses […]

How RPKI Route Origin Validation Secures Your Business Internet

At RISE we work everyday on our mission of accelerating business internet in the Philippines. We benchmark the level of service we deliver against international industry standards and practices, so that we can improve your overall business internet experience. We were the first network in the Philippines to join the MANRS convention, making the commitment […]